Tetracycline Powder, Sam Horses, Xmas Wishes – December 2018

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What’s on Their Feet?

Back in July the FDA began an 18-month program to look at the prevalence of tetracycline residues in bulk tank milk. Subsequent research from the University of Minnesota concluded that tetracycline powder used to treat hairy heel warts can cause residues in milk, blood and even on teat skin. So, this is your 6-month reminder to pay attention to what you’re using to treat hairy warts!

Since using tetracycline powder for hairy warts is extra-label use, discuss the options for treatment with your veterinarian and pick what works best for you:

If you go with tetracycline powder, UMn found that only 2 grams of powder per lesion was sufficient to treat the hairy wart and avoid a violative residue, as long as 2 lesions maximum per cow were treated. FARAD has recommended a 24hr meat and milk hold after using the powder and a Charm II test can be used to test the milk for added security. The Charm II tests can detect tetracyclines at 10-30ppb and the legal limit is 300ppb in the US and 100ppb in Canada.

If you want to avoid withholds and the risk of a residue, we’d recommend QuickHit gel. It contains copper, zinc and salicylic acid (aspirin), acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and has no withholds. It’s designed to stick to the lesion and can be diluted and sprayed on or used in a wrap. From personal experience, it doesn’t immediately fall off a wrap if a cow decides to move around when putting the wrap on.

RVVC News: Have a Horse?

We’d like to announce that Dr Sam will be providing routine horse medical care including vaccinations, dentals, minor lacerations, etc. She will see day-time emergencies as her schedule allows and after-hours emergencies when she is on call and at her discretion. We’re very excited to have her expand our ability to care for your animals! Please call to set up an appointment.

Happy Holidays from the RVVC family to yours and a Happy Moo Year!


We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Please schedule an appointment today!


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