March 2021 – Chiropractic Services

River Valley Veterinary Clinic

March 2021 Newsletter

By Dustin Lochner, DVM


Zoetis Draxxin Rebate

For 2021, Zoetis is offering a rebate program for non-Leader’s Edge clients for the purchase of qualifying bottles of Draxxin.  The rebates are as follows: 50ml Draxxin =$50 (newly added since last month), 100ml Draxxin = $100 rebate, 250ml Draxxin = $200 rebate, and 500ml Draxxin = $400 rebate.  This rebate program is for Draxxin purchases between January1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

For Non-Leader’s Edge clients with Zoetis, there are two ways to apply for your rebate.  The first way is to submit through a text following these steps:

1) Text Draxxin to 24272 to receive a link to the rebate website (or scan the QR code that is sent),

2) Snap a photo of the itemized receipt with your qualifying Draxxin purchase and upload it to the website,

3) Select the payment type – PayPal, Venmo, or paper check to receive your rebate amount, and

4) either enter an email address (PayPal), username (Venmo), or mailing address (paper check).

The second way is to complete and send a mail in rebate form, which are available upon request.  You must include the original dated proof of purchase of your Draxxin.  Your rebate will then be mailed to you in 2-4 weeks after confirmation of eligibility.

If you have questions about how to apply for the rebate, speak to one of our veterinarians or staff for help.

 ***Large Animal Phone Number Change***

For our large animal clients whom usually utilize the Reedsburg phone number 608-524-8814, as of January 15, 2021 this number will no longer be forwarded to our Plain office.  We will continue to retain this number for our small animal clients and all calls to this number will go directly to our Reedsburg office.  Therefore this number will no longer be used as an emergency phone line for large animal emergencies in the Reedsburg and surrounding areas.  We ask that you instead make a note and call one of our Plain office numbers instead for any large animal related sick calls, scheduling, or emergencies.  The phone number for our Plain office is 608-546-4911 or if you call with a landline you can also use our toll free number 1-800-546-4921.

We know that old habits die hard, so if you call the Reedsburg phone number for a large animal emergency after hours there will be a message directing you to call our Plain office.  It’s important to remember that if you have a large animal emergency, DO NOT leave a message at our Reedsburg office as that line will not be monitored and the large animal doctor on call will not receive the message through that line!

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your continued business!

Animal Chiropractic Services Offered

Dr. Sam will now be providing Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT) (aka animal chiropractic) for small animals, large animals, and small ruminant patients. Dr. Sam is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors. She has completed the Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy certification program at the Healing Oasis, the only nationally accredited institution for VSMT.

VSMT is a therapeutic assessment and treatment of the animal’s musculoskeletal system.  It is similar to the chiropractic assessment and treatment done on humans.  The goal of VSMT is to ensure motion within all vertebrae or to bring back motion to fixed or hypo mobile vertebrae.  This is accomplished by applying a directed force at a specified anatomical location.  Performing VSMT allows the release of entrapped joint or disc tissue, stretches and breaks up adhesions (scar tissue) and stretches the muscles.  This stimulates the brain as well as specific muscle receptors that can dampen pain, increase range of motion of the joint and, therefore, improve mobility.

What are some indications that your animal could benefit from VSMT?  Unexplained lameness, muscle weakness, pain, behavioral changes, sport injuries, urinary or fecal incontinence, etc.

Please call the office if you would like more information or would like to book an appointment with Dr. Sam. She is able to make farm calls, house calls, or in office appointments (small animal only) at this time.