March 2019 Newsletter

If you have dairy cattle, you’ve most likely experienced animals with udder sores.  Typically you find it in the cleft of the udder of older cows or between the udder and one or both rear legs in heifers.  Udder edema, bacteria and sometimes mites can all be contributing factors in the cause of udder sores.  What you may not have known is that a strain of herpes virus can also be a common factor that leads to udder sores. Bovine herpesvirus type 4 (BHV-4), which is related to IBR (bovine herpesvirus type 1), can be commonly associated with udder sores in dairy cattle, especially in the winter time.  Unlike IBR, however, BHV-4 does not have any vaccines to protect against it directly.

In a case presented to the WVDL several years ago, a well-managed, productive dairy herd with about 1700 dairy cows had a 15% incidence of udder sores on the farm.  Tissues that were submitted to the diagnostic lab tested positive for BHV-4.  Testing also found a high prevalence of bovine leukosis virus in the samples submitted and a suspected synergism between the two viruses leading to more cases of udder sores.

Per the WVDL, since initial testing, the herd implemented a few management strategies that have helped to decrease the incidences of udder sores to less than 1%.  Some of the management changes this farm implemented were:

  • BLV/Leukosis control – through single use of individual needles for all injections and pasteurization of colostrum
  • Improved bedding quality – by improving recycled sand bedding quality through decreased moisture content, bacterial counts, and decreasing organic matter.
  • Improved udder health
  • Aggressive culling of excessive replacements and discontinued use of BST

While these strategies have not been scientifically proven, implementing management strategies that reduces contributing factors such as leukosis, providing external parasite control or reducing udder edema, will help to reduce the prevalence on your farm.  Implementing additional strategies that reduce stress, improve udder health and hygiene, and prevent chronic damp conditions can also help to reduce the incidence of udder sores in your herd.

MyPharmStore and MyVetStore Online Pharmacies Now Available!

River Valley Veterinary Clinic’s new online stores are now open and ready to take your order.  MyPharmStore is our large animal pharmacy and carries all of the products that you commonly get for your farm animals.  MyVetStore is our small animal pharmacy and offers all of the medication and non-medication items that you may need for your four-legged companions.  Please read the letter on the back of this newsletter to learn more about why we have chosen to provide this to you, our clients, and how you can access either store to place your order and pay.

Thank You for Your Business!

We at RVVC would like to thank you all for your continued support and patronage throughout the years and especially during difficult years like these.  To show you our gratitude, we have included a coupon towards one farm visit of your choosing.  We enjoy working with you and your families and look forward to being able to continue to work with you!  Thank you!

-The Doctors and Staff of RVVC

River Valley Veterinary Clinic’s MyPharmStore Online Pharmacy

River Valley Veterinary Clinic is now offering online ordering of prescription and non-prescription medications through MyPharmStore, which can be found on our clinic’s website.  We will no longer be processing orders for prescription medications from online suppliers that are not affiliated with River Valley Veterinary Clinic.

Why are we making this change?

You have trusted us with the very important responsibility of the medical care of your livestock and pets.  We know your farm’s and pet’s history, and our doctors are personally vested in providing the absolute best care for your animals.  By directly authorizing medications through MyPharmStore, we will know that the medications you receive are the exact medications with proper dosage, and that those medications were stored and shipped as mandated by the manufacturer.

Support Small Business

With MyPharmStore, we are going to do our very best to make our medications and preventatives affordable, and we will routinely compare prices with other online providers to make sure that our prices are competitive.

Most importantly, by purchasing from our online store, you are supporting our local business here in Plain and Reedsburg and the warehouse for our supplier, Midwest Veterinary Supply, which is located in Sun Prairie.

Our Guarantee

Our online supply chain is 100% secure.  From the time the medication you order is manufactured, all the way to when you are going to give it to your animal, it has been handled, stored and packaged in compliance with manufacturer guidelines.  The product you receive is guaranteed to be the name-brand medication in the proper dosage and packaging.  Medications you purchase from our online store are guaranteed by the product’s manufacturer and most importantly by us, your farm veterinarians.  We, as doctors, want our patients to get the highest quality medications to treat their medical needs.  If there are any questions or problems, our staff will personally handle the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. The bottom line is we always want what’s best for your animals.

How the new ordering process will work:


  1. Go to
  2. Click on MyPharmStore (large animal) or MyVetStore (small animal)
  3. Register to open an account
  4. Begin shopping!


Call the vet clinic:

  1. Receptionist will create an account online for you
  2. Give list of items wanted to order
  3. A credit card will be needed to finalize order


Shipping is free of charge with no minimal order required.

If you have any questions regarding our new MyPharmStore, please call 608-546-4911 or 608-524-8814