Checklist for Cold Weather Calf Care – January 2019

January 2019 Newsletter PDF

Since January weather can be incredibly cold and unpredictable, here’s a checklist to help make sure your calves will make it through any extreme cold that comes our way.

❑ Extra Calories: In this weather calves are using all available energy to just stay alive and warm. Whether its extra quarts of milk, extra feedings or a scoop of fat additive, it’ll keep them from losing weight.
❑ Calf Jackets: All calves on milk should have a jacket on at these temperatures – just like you!
❑ Deep, Dry Bedding: 12 inches of dry bedding is essential for staying warm.
❑ Windbreaks: Temporary windbreaks to the windward side of a block of calf hutches or along calf pens will reduce windchill.
❑ Staying Dry: All newborn calves should be completely dry before being put in a barn or hutch. Nothing initiates hypothermia or frostbite faster than being wet.

Other Considerations:

❑ Buddy System: Two calves in a hutch together will be warmer than one!
❑ Ear Muffs: frostbite is a real threat, calf-specific ear muffs can protect those delicate ears.

RVVC News: A Change in Weekend Hours

Beginning January 5th 2019, River Valley Veterinary Clinic will be discontinuing their Saturday morning office hours. We will continue to be available for after-hours large animal emergencies, though emergency fees will now apply through the entire weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. – The Doctors and Staff of RVVC


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